๐Ÿ”ธProfiles and Layers

In this section we will work with Animator Profiles and Layers.

Unlike the previous version of the FPS Animation Framework, the Scriptable Animation System does not depend on weapons or items directly, instead it operates in Animator Profiles - a collection of animation features.

To create a new profile, right-click in any folder and go to KINEMATION/FPS Animator General/Animator Profile:

  • Rig Asset - assign previously created Rig Asset. It will be used for all Animator Layers.

  • Blend In/Out Time- defines the blending time for this Profile in seconds.

  • Ease Mode - the easing function for the blending.

To add a new Animator Layer, click on the Add Animator Layer button and select the desired type from the list:

You can copy/paste layer settings by right-clicking on the layer:

Now you can start adding Animator Layers to the profile. There are no mandatory layers for the system, which makes it incredibly flexibly not just for items or weapons, but game play situations as well.

You can find out more about each layer and its settings in Animator Profiles section. You will also find the use-cases and examples there.

In the next section we will find out how to link Animator Profiles.

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