๐Ÿ“œAnimator Layer

In this section you will find out more about the Animator Layers.


An Animator Layer is a procedural animation feature, which modifies your character pose in realtime.

Tip: usually animator layers reside in the Animator Profile. The only exception is the IK Motion Layer - this layer counts as an "animation", so you can dynamically link it using:


You can find out more in this section:

All layers in the framework has a similar structure, let's take a look at it:

The red highlighted area represents general settings for all animator layers. Let's break them down:

  • Alpha: controls the influence of the layer; if set to 1 - the layer will be fully applied, and if set to 0 - it will be disabled.

  • Link Dynamically - defines if this layer will need to be cached when a new profile is linked. If set to true, there will be no smooth blending, but instead the settings will be updated.

Curve Blending

Curve Blending is a crucial part of controlling animation features in realtime. You can select a parameter which will control the layer, so far the system supports these parameter types:

  • Animator Controller float parameters.

  • Playables curves.

  • Input Config variables.

You can also specify the Blend parameter, which can be either Mask or Direct:

  • Mask means that the value will be applied in reversed mode, computed via: result = 1f - value. For example, if the parameter value is 1, the final value will be 0.

  • Direct mode is going to use the parameter value as is. If the value is 1, the final result will be 1.

It is possible to specify multiple Curve Blends in the list, where the top index item will overrides previous ones. For example:

If the FullBodyWeight value will be 1, the final weight will be 0. However, if ProneWeight is 0, the final result will be 0 as well.

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