Sway Layer


Sway Layer is responsible for applying movement, aiming and dead-zone sway effects to your weapon.


Free Aiming:

  • Head Bone: this element will be used to rotate around to achieve dead zone aiming.

  • Free Aim Clamp: max free aim value.

  • Free Aim Interp Speed: smoothing speed for free aiming.

  • Free Aim Input Scale: free aim sensitivity.

  • Free Aim Space: the space to apply in.

  • Free Aim Space: what space the effect will be applied in.

  • Use Free Aim Property: a bool input property which will enable or disable free aiming.

Move/Aim Sway:

  • Damping: damping factor in range [0;1].

  • Stiffness: oscilation factor in range [0;1].

  • Speed: spring interpolation speed.

  • Scale: global spring effect scale.

  • Target Damping Speed: how it will go to zero.

  • Sway Space: the space a sway effect will be applied in.

  • Move Input Property: a Vector4 input property which will define user local movement direction.

  • Mouse Delta Input Property: a Vector4 input property which defines delta input from the mouse.

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