IK Motion Layer


IK Motion is a unique Animator Layer. Unlike other features in the framework, this layer can be created outside of the Animator Profile. You can do it by right clicking Create -> KINEMATION -> FPS Animator Layers -> IK Motion.

Tip: this layer can be used for transition motions, like a jiggling motion when aiming or leaning in the demo project.

The workflow with this animation feature is this:

  1. Add IK Motion Layer to the Animator Profile.

  2. Create IK Motion Layers manually using the right-click method above.

  3. Dynamically link desired IK Motion Layer using the FPS Animator component.

Dynamic linking can be performed by using LinkAnimatorLayer method:

private FPSAnimator _fpsAnimator;

private void DoSomething()
    // Where `layerSettings` is your IK Motion Layer.


  • Bone To Animate: character bone which will be animated procedurally.

  • Rotation/Translation Curves: curves which will animate each axis of rotation/translation.

  • Rotation/Translation Scale: will scale each axis of rotation/translation.

  • Blend Time: time in seconds to blend in this motion.

  • Play Rate: playback speed for this animation.

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