Blending Layer


Blending Layer is used to fix strange-looking poses using a fully procedural method. This layer is easy to use and adjust for your characters, as it doesn't require any special setup or integration.

It is possible to use multiple Blending Layers in the Animator Profile. It is great when you want to adjust multiple different states, like standing or crouching for example.


  • Desired Pose: the pose which we want to blend. Usualyl you want to specify here something that looks good visually for your desired animation state.

  • Blending Elements: a list of bones which will be affected by the blending. Also, they contain a weight which defines the influence of the blending. If value is 0 - no blending applied, and 1 - blending is full applied.

  • Blend Position: controls if we need to blend translation. Usually only rotation will do the effect, so most of the time this option should be turned off.

Note: make sure to have at least one bone which will have a weight set to 0. For example, if you blend the spine bones, make sure the head/neck element is set to 0. This will make sure the child bones won't be affected by the blending.

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